Reed Saw It Pneumatic Saw


• Provides pneumatic power and reciprocating motion to blades

• Powerful motor provides 1.5 hp of power achieving 300 strokes per minute

• Only requires 150 mm clearance beyond the pipe to accommodate blade movement

• Cuts up to 500 mm diameter pipe with a single setup

• Will cut pipe diameters of 610 mm maximum

• Less likely to ignite materials than petrol-powered or electric-powered saws

• Requires 1.4 m3/minute at 6.2 Bar to operate effectively

• Blades available to cut plastic, steel, stainless steel and PVC pipe

• Requires a means to hold it in place, whilst not essential, the Saw It® Vise is perfect for this (refer below)

• Not recommended for use on gas lines

• Only weighs 7.7 kg

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