Winter Water Meters

Date: 19-Jul-2018

  The cool frosty mornings in some regions of Australia are having a significant impact on water supply (and also measurement of its use).  Here in Orange, some very snowy days have been followed by frosty days, with their crunchy grass and frozen windscreens, not to mention the damage caused to the mechanical brass water meters in use, and a requirement to replace those that have failed.

We are receiving increased enquiry from many councils keen to learn more about the innovative new “Frost-Proof” water meters.  These robust meters are specially designed with a tapered valve that prevents water build up in the meter itself, and this technology ensures the meter will not freeze, even if the pipes do.  So if your water network is subject to frosts, you may be able to benefit from this, and enjoy accurate water readings, not compromised by cracking or leaks caused by frost or freezing temperatures.

The “Frost-Proof” design features compliance to Australian standards and can quickly and easily be changed over.  If you’d like to discuss this innovation with a team member. Click Here