C.Scope MXL Locator Kit


• Comprehensive location kit with multi-frequency capabilities

• Provides both depth measurement and signal current measurement

• Strong and durable design for maximum service life

• Designed to detect, identify and trace all services including water, gas, electricity and telecommunication

• Multi-frequency transmitter with triple the power output (1 W) of other transmitters provides longer trace capability

• Rugged case design built to IP65 standard to ensure unit is water and dust proof

• User replaceable wear foot

• Detachable loud speaker for use in noisy work environments

• Auto backlit display in low light

• Robust LCD with clear, easy to read display

• Transmitter is built with storage compartment for all accessories

• Multi-segment LCD display and easy to use push buttons create an easy to use transmitter suited to all applications

• Only requires 8 x AA batteries for locator and 4 x D batteries for transmitter

Kit Includes

• Locator

• Transmitter

• Auxiliary earth lead (10 m)

• Earth stake

• Direct connection leads

• Connection magnets

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